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June 15, 2017, 7:05 PM

Youth Minister Candidate

Church Family,
For the last eleven months we have been accepting resumes for our next youth minister. We have posted this position with Southwestern Seminary, Criswell College, The SBTC Texan and Truett Seminary. Until recently, we had not received any resumes.  We did receive one, not too long ago. After much prayer and two interviews, the personnel committee and I want to bring Nathan and Robin Berry to the church, for consideration as our next youth minister.
Nathan is currently a student at Truett Seminary working on his Master of Arts in Christian Ministry.  Originally Nathan is from Abilene, where he has served churches as youth minister.  Nathan’s wife, Robin, will begin to teach Fourth grade in the fall at Clifton ISD.  They currently live here in Waco.
Please mark your calendar for Saturday, July 1. We will have a meet and greet with the Berry’s from 10–11 am in the Fellowship Hall.  It will be an informal come and go time of fellowship.  Nathan will preach In View of a Call on Sunday, July 9.  The personnel committee and I have invited them, as their schedule allows, to come during Vacation Bible School week so they can begin to connect with our young people.
Please know that just because we hire a youth minister this does not mean our work is finished with the youth.  We are still going to need volunteers to help with activities, Wednesday nights, camp counselors and other things that might come up. It is all of our jobs to reach the next generation with the gospel of Jesus Christ, not just the youth minister’s job.  I am thrilled about the Adopt a Grandparent Initiative that will be coming in August, along with other exciting things that are coming.
For the past eleven months, Rick and Kristie Bryant have done an outstanding job with our youth.  They have grown our program, not just numerically, but spiritually.  Rick will continue helping alongside of Nathan and Robin (if approved by the church) in our youth ministry.  Do not forget we will still need you too.
Please pray about your involvement in our children’s and youth programs this fall.  We can use you. 
Please be praying with the personnel committee and I that God will confirm to us as a church that Nathan and Robin are the right ones for the job.
All for Jesus,
Bro. James
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