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December 31, 2014, 10:52 AM

God has you exactly where He wants you


If you know that God has got you where you are for a reason, then you can rejoice. We have probably never learned to live the Christian life until we're able to rejoice in the midst of real problems. If you're in a hard spot right now, that may be exactly where God wants you to be.  Oswald Chambers says,  "If you can stay in the midst of the turmoil unperplexed and calm because you see Jesus, that is God's purpose in your life." God never leaves us at the status quo. In fact, it's like this:

If we're lost He wants us saved,

If we're saved He wants us committed,

If we're committed He wants us sanctified,

If we're sanctified He wants us called,

If we're called He wants us commissioned,

If we're commissioned He wants us sent,

If we are sent He wants us serving,

If we're serving He wants us suffering,

If we're suffering He calls us to higher suffering, to a deeper more profound walk with Him. He presses us to new frontiers.

So if you're in a tough place, don't bemoan your circumstances.

Rejoice that God may very well have you just exactly where he wants you.



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